Last Updated on September 1, 2021

The image block has changed in WordPress 5.5. In this video we look at how to use the new tools available.

Images can now be edited directly in the block editor

The image block now has a new option in the block controls. The “crop” symbol between the link “(-)” and “replace” will change the image so that it can be edited

Images are edited in a 3×3 block

When the image “crop” button is clicked, the image is shown in a 3×3 block and the controls are changed to include three new buttons: Zoom, Aspect Ratio and Rotate:

When you’re editing the image, your finished work will be what is in the 3×3 block.

Zooming an image

If you click on the zoom button, a slider will appear initially at 100. You can move the slider to change the image zoom:

You can also “pinch zoom” using two fingers on your touchpad.

Once the image is zoomed, you can pan the image around by dragging the image in the same way that you might move a window on the desktop. Just click on the image and move it.

Changing the Aspect Ratio

The 3×3 block is the area that will be cropped when you’ve finished editing. There are standard sizes for images, either square, or different landscape or portrait aspect ratios.

If you click on the Aspect Ratio button, you get a drop-down menu of the different image formats available.

In the example above, the image had an aspect ratio of 4:3 (four units horizontally to every three vertically). Choosing different options will change the shape of the crop area:

Rotating images

Finally, you can rotate your images by clicking on the Rotate button. Each click will rotate the image through 90 degrees clockwise.

Saving your work

When you’ve finished editing your image, you click on “Apply”. This will save a copy of the new image in the media library and will place your edited image back into your page.

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