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This training course gives you everything you need to set up a fully functioning WordPress website for your own business, hobby or community group. It contains all the content that is covered during our one day face-to-face training session in a series of videos, supported by text content and the slides and screen shots from the face-to-face training. Check out the Curriculum tab to see everything that is covered in the course.

About this course

  • This course is a fully online version of our popular face-to-face training course (check out our training reviews here)
  • It includes over 30 bite-sized videos that take you through the complete process of building your site, from installing WordPress through to making sure your site is found on Google – check out the list of topics covered
  • You’ll also get a downloadable copy of all the course materials that you can print out if you wish, and all the videos are fully transcribed with screenshots, so you can work through the content in any medium you wish
  • All you need is a computer (Mac, PC or Chromebook) that is WiFi enabled and an up to date browser (ideally Chrome) – everything is done remotely so there’s no software to install on your machine
  • We have a private Facebook group for our training attendees which you can use to ask questions and get help if you need it
  • If you already have a web domain and hosting then you can use that for this course, or we can set up a practice domain for you to use if you prefer

Who should buy this course?

  • No previous WordPress or web design experience is required – if you can use a computer then you can build a website using WordPress
  • This course is ideal if you want to set up a new website for your own business, community group, hobby or other venture
  • You may also find it useful if you’ve already got a WordPress website and want to learn more about how it works or reduce your reliance on the site designer (read more about why this is a good idea)
  • You may be using Facebook as an alternative to a website (read why this is a bad idea) and want a more permanent and secure web presence for your business
  • Perhaps you have a website in Wix, Squarespace, Weebly or some other similar service and want to see why WordPress is a better alternative


"I've been building websites in WordPress for myself and for clients for many years now as well as training people on how to get started and get the best from WordPress. I love how WordPress enables anyone to build a great looking website with a huge range of functionality, regardless of what previous experience they have with building sites. You can start from scratch and have a good looking website up and running by the end of the day, as this course demonstrates."

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  • mfeist

    Finally a course that made me 'get' Wordpress

    I've had a Wordpress site for years, and have been trained in it before (including full, live days), but still felt often overwhelmed by all the options and functions. This course has finally helped me 'crack the code' and understand the different elements and functions of Wordpress. I now know what to do, and where to look when I don't understand something. And I can always go back into the course and revise the section I need help with. Top marks!
  • Julian Clinton

    Really useful and I now have my own on-line store

    I'd not used WordPress before and wasn't even sure it was right for the web-store I wanted to start. However, this course gave me the information I needed to get most of it set up and also the confidence to complete the remaining parts. Covering privacy and security was an important topic to me given I was aiming build an e-commerce site.
  • celiahelenmayers


    Overall I think the course is really effective, I now feel competent using WordPress, and I had never used it before. The ‘activity’ section is very helpful to build confidence with using each feature. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to people looking to build a more professional-looking and effective website, I learned so much in such a short space of time!
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