Basics of SEO for small businesses

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Google is one of the most important sources of new customers for many businesses, so having an effective search engine optimisation strategy is vital. Every small business knows that there are vast numbers of other companies out there offering to do your SEO for you, but what if you don’t have the budget for that?

Our 37 page Basics of SEO for small businesses covers everything you need to put in place an effective SEO strategy for your own business.

  • What is organic search?
    • Why bother with organic search?
    • How does Google search work?
    • What is Google looking for on your website?
    • The importance of relevance, quality and context
  • Understanding your customers and the search terms they’re using
    • How to find out what search terms people use
    • What are long tail keywords and why are they so important?
  • Technical SEO
    • Setting up Google Search Console to track your site
    • Setting up Google Analytics to track your site
    • How to find out which pages on your site Google has indexed
    • How to submit a sitemap to Google
    • Why it’s important that your site runs quickly
    • The critical role of mobile friendliness
    • Checking your site for broken links
    • Running on HTTPS rather than HTTP
    • The benefit of a strong network of internal links on your site
  • On page SEO
    • Understanding how search engines read the pages on your site
    • Creating content that search engines will understand
    • What is ‘thin content’ and why should you avoid it?
    • Optimising your images for Google
    • The importance of good quality content that meets people’s genuine needs
    • Building a network of inbound links to your site – how to do this and what you need to avoid
    • Why it’s important to update your site regularly
    • How to find out about changes Google makes to its algorithm
  • Encouraging people to click through from Google search to your site
    • What are meta titles and meta descriptions and why do they matter?
    • Using the Yoast SEO plugin to edit meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Local SEO
    • Understanding how local search works
    • How to claim your Google My Business listing
    • Optimising your Google My Business listing for local search
    • Establishing consistency across all your channels
    • Adding location-based content to your website
    • Getting listed in relevant directories
    • Don’t neglect Bing and Apple Maps
  • How we can help you

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