Book a free half hour surgery slot with us and you can use this time to get advice on any aspect of your digital marketing or web development that you’d find useful.

You might want to talk about a specific design or technical challenge you’re facing. Perhaps you’re not sure how to make a change that you’d like to make. Maybe you’d like to talk more broadly about how you’re using your website and bounce some of your ideas off someone else. Perhaps you’d like advice about some other aspect of your digital marketing, from email to social media, from content generation to SEO. It could be anything.

We can’t promise to be able to solve every problem in half an hour but we will certainly do our best to help you and to point you at other resources that will give you what you need. We can also give you an idea of the time and cost that might be involved in whatever project you have in mind. If your question will take more than half an hour to answer then we can offer further help in blocks of one hour at our standard hourly rate.

These slots are offered on a first come, first served basis and for one person at a time. There is a maximum of one free session per organisation. If you’ve already used your free session we’re happy to offer one-to-one help, training, consulting and advice at our standard hourly or day rate.

Use the form below to tell us the times that you are available over the next few days, the website that you want to talk about and an idea of the topic you want to discuss so that we can prepare in advance.

We’ll send you a Zoom meeting invitation and you may need to be prepared to share your screen with us during the meeting.

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