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Our Build a website in one day with WordPress course gives you the skills you need to set up a fully functioning WordPress website for your own business, hobby or community group, with support from our team of trainers when you need it.

We’re currently offer this course in two formats.

  • A self-paced video training course – if you want to upskill in your own time then this online self-paced course is only £100 (inc VAT) so it’s a very cost-effective way of getting a new website up and running, or understanding more about how WordPress works to get to grips with a site you already have.
  • One-to-one live remote training – if you’d like to work closely with one of our trainers to build a site that’s completely tailored to your requirements (or get help understanding the workings of a WordPress site you already have) then this is the option for you. One day of one-to-one remote training costs £595 (inc VAT). We can also offer this kind of support for £90 per hour (inc VAT), or £295 for a half day if you don’t need a full day. Get in touch if you’re interested in these options and we can work out the best approach for you.

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About the online video course

  • This course is a fully online version of our popular face-to-face training course (check out our training reviews here)
  • It includes over 30 bite-sized videos that take you through the complete process of building your site, from installing WordPress through to making sure your site is found on Google – check out the list of topics covered
  • You’ll also get a downloadable copy of all the course materials that you can print out if you wish, and all the videos are fully transcribed with screenshots, so you can work through the content in any medium you wish
  • All you need is a computer (Mac, PC or Chromebook) that is WiFi enabled and an up to date browser (ideally Chrome) – everything is done remotely so there’s no software to install on your machine
  • We have a private Facebook group for our training attendees which you can use to ask questions and get help if you need it
  • If you already have a web domain and hosting then you can use that for this course, or we can set up a practice domain for you to use if you prefer

Who should buy this course?

  • No previous WordPress or web design experience is required – if you can use a computer then you can build a website using WordPress
  • This course is ideal if you want to set up a new website for your own business, community group, hobby or other venture
  • You may also find it useful if you’ve already got a WordPress website and want to learn more about how it works or reduce your reliance on the site designer (read more about why this is a good idea)
  • You may be using Facebook as an alternative to a website (read why this is a bad idea) and want a more permanent and secure web presence for your business
  • Perhaps you have a website in Wix, Squarespace, Weebly or some other similar service and want to see why WordPress is a better alternative

What you will learn

Introduction to WordPress

  • Installing WordPress
  • Finding your way around the admin panel
  • Controlling who can access your site

Adding content to your site

  • Overview of the Gutenberg page editor
  • The difference between posts and pages
  • Creating new pages and posts
  • Adding images, video and other content to your pages
  • Setting up your home page

Making your site look nice

  • Using WordPress themes to make a beautiful site
  • Overview of different kinds of themes
  • Choosing the right theme for your site
  • Sourcing themes and switching between them

Structuring your site

  • Adding menus and navigation to your site
  • How menus work in WordPress
  • Adding different kinds of items to your menu
  • Categorising your content and using categories to add structure to your site

Adding functionality to your site

  • Using widgets to add content to pages
  • Using plugins to make WordPress do more
  • Sourcing and installing new plugins
  • Recommended plugins

Getting found on Google

  • An introduction to search engine optimisation
  • Ensuring your site runs quickly

Adding more functionality

  • Setting up contact forms
  • Embedding a Google map
  • Adding video
  • Social media sharing
  • Setting up an ecommerce store using WooCommerce

Privacy and security

  • Making sure your site is secure
  • Implications of GDPR
  • Setting up a privacy policy
  • Cookies
  • Installing a secure certificate
  • Putting your site behind a ‘coming soon’ page

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