How does the live webinar training work?

We run all of our live webinar training courses via Zoom webinars. When you book a course with us then once payment has been received we will issue you with a link to join the live session. These are personalised and tied to the email address you gave us for the attendees and cannot be shared with others. The training will start dead on the hour so it’s worth joining with the link a few minutes before hand. When you are in the Zoom webinar your line will be automatically muted so that we can’t see or hear you. You can use the chat and the Q&A function to get hold of the panelists and ask questions of the presenter. 

Are the webinars recorded?

Yes, we record all of our content so that you will be able to watch the recording back again after the training session has finished. We get this out to you via email normally within 24 hours of the live session. This also means if you book but are unable to make the time then you won’t miss out and can access the recording and materials at a later time.

How long are the training webinars?

All of our training webinars are at least one hour long. We run them to be as full of content as we possibly can ft into the one hour slot. We are always happy to stay on the session after the one hour to answer questions that attendees send through during the session so they can easily run for an additional 15 or 20 minutes if there are a lot of questions and discussion. The Q&A is also recorded so if you need to leave you will be able to catch up on this later when you get the recording through.

How do I join a webinar?

All of our training webinars are run using Zoom Webinar. Once you have placed your order and payment has been received you will then receive another email from Zoom with your joining link. This will go to the email address on your booking. Reminders of this joining link are sent one day and one hour before the training runs. If you haven’t received your joining link in good time before the training starts then please email us at [email protected] and we will have this resent or sent manually to you. It’s worth checking your SPAM folder!

Can I ask questions in a training webinar?

Yes. All the audio lines are muted so you can’t speak but we really encourage questions which you can submit at any time during the live event via the Zoom Q&A function. We will answer some of these via the Q&A with typed replies and links to follow up materials etc but we do also ask some of these “live” to the panelists at the end as often there are common themes and questions which everyone benefits from.

What if I can’t attend?

We record all of the training webinars so if the date and time aren’t perfect for you then you can still make a booking and get full access to the recording and materials after the session has finished. We have lots of customers who actively book in order to get the recorded content so that they can watch it at a time to suit them.  We do offer all of our customer one free 30 minute clinic with us so if you watch one of the recordings and have follow up questions you are very welcome to book in with us to ask questions and talk about your own set up and concerns.

Cancellations of training and webinar bookings are subject to our cancellation terms and conditions.

Who can attend the training webinar?

Anyone who has booked a place is welcome to attend our training webinars.  When you make a booking your will be asked to confirm the attendee details during the booking process and those attendee details are who will be registered on the courses. The Zoom webinar link sent to each attendee is tied to that individual and cannot be shared. They are also coded to allow only one log in so cannot be used by multiple people or devices.

Can we get the slides used in the training after the webinar?

Yes. After every training webinar we will email you with links to access the recording and access to download the slides.

What topics are covered in the training course?

We have a large library of topics we run training courses on covering many aspects of digital marketing and WordPress website development. The full schedule is available here with the full agenda of each event listed. We are open to suggestions of new topics so if there is something you don’t see here then please get in touch and we will be happy to look at it for you.

Can I book a private version of your courses for my organisation?

Yes. We can run any of our “of the shelf” courses as a private session for you in your organisation. We need to make sure it’s commercially viable so we do have minimum numbers / fees for this but if there is something you would like to run get in touch and we’ll be very happy to look at it with you.

Can you help me in a 1-2-1 training session?

Yes. We regularly run courses for individuals which are either our off the shelf courses tailored to their own business / website / social channels or fully bespoke training sessions. If you have a training requirement please do get in touch and we’ll arrange a call to chat about your own set up and issues in order to make some suggestions on training options.

How do the free 30 minute clinics work?

Every client and potential client is entitled to book one free 30 minute clinic session with us to talk about their own digital marketing or website concerns.  The clinics can be booked on our website here and are run via a Zoom meeting.  During the booking we ask for some basic details on your issue or concerns. The purpose of these session is for you to ask questions and tell us more about your issue and we will do our very best to cover practical problem solving during the session and then point you to additional resources and training options which could be both free and paid.

Can I book Awesome Tech Training to help me with a particular problem?

Yes – as well as 1-2-1 training sessions we can work on things behind the scenes for you on a project basis or even run aspects of your marketing for you on a retainer basis. We have limited resources for this but if you are looking for help with us “doing” the work for you rather than training you how to do it please get in touch so we can talk it through with you.

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