How to filter internal traffic out of Google Analytics 4

This video demonstrates how you can filter out internal traffic from Google Analytics 4. This is a good idea because it will mean that your Google Analytics data presents a more accurate, truer reflection of the actual traffic your site gets. Scroll down for a brief set of written instructions.

  • Go into the admin area for the GA4 property that you are interested in
  • Select ‘data streams’ from the property menu
  • Select ‘configure tag settings’ for the relevant data stream
  • Click on ‘show all’
  • Select ‘define internal traffic’

You can then define what counts as internal traffic by IP address. Note, this will only work reliably if you have a fixed IP address. If you do not have a fixed IP address you can exclude yourself from your Google Analytics by using a Chrome extension such as this one which enables you to specify certain sites for which the Google Analytics tracking code will be blocked by the browser.

How we can help you

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