Mastering the basics of Google Tag Manager


Tags are snippets of code that you add to your website in order to collect information and send it to third parties. Common examples include the Google Analytics tracking tag, the Facebook Pixel, the LinkedIn insight tag and Twitter conversion tracking tags but there are many, many others.

Google Tag Manager is a simple web-based interface that simplifies the process of working with tags on your website. Rather than going into the source code or plugins for your site every time you want to add a new tag, Google Tag Manager enables you to do everything you need in one place.

Google Tag Manager also enables you to go beyond the tracking functionality in Google Analytics to collect much more data and monitor more precisely how people interact with your website. Perhaps you’d like to know how far people scroll down the pages of your site, or how many are submitting your contact form, or watching a video on your site? Google Tag Manager can help you with all of this and more.

In just one hour we’ll cover:-

  • Why GTM is essential for effective website tracking and data management
    • Benefits of using GTM over traditional manual tag implementation methods
  • Understanding the Core Concepts of GTM
    • What are tags, triggers, and variables?
    • How GTM simplifies the process of adding and managing tags on your website
  • Setting Up Google Tag Manager
    • Step-by-step guide to creating a GTM account and container
    • Installing the GTM container code on your website
  • Navigating the GTM Interface
    • Overview of the GTM dashboard and its key features
    • Exploring the various sections and settings within GTM
  • Adding and Managing Tags with GTM
    • Configuring tags for various tracking and marketing tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.)
    • Testing and troubleshooting tags to ensure proper implementation
  • Creating Triggers and Variables
    • Defining triggers to determine when and where tags should fire
    • Using variables to capture dynamic data for more personalised tracking
  • Turbocharge your Google Analytics
    • See how GTM enables you to go beyond the tracking functionality in Google Analytics to collect much more data and monitor more precisely how people interact with your website
  • Q&A Session

Who should book onto this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at anyone who’s interested in learning more about how Google Tag Manager works. You may already have a few tags installed directly on your website, or be thinking about installing tags and want to see if Google Tag Manager might be the best way to do it. The webinar is ideal for:-

  • Digital marketers and analysts seeking to improve their website tracking capabilities.
  • Website owners and managers who want to streamline their tag management processes.
  • Individuals looking to gain a solid foundation in using Google Tag Manager effectively.

What do I get once I’ve booked onto this webinar?

If you book onto the live version then we’ll send you a personalised link to the webinar enabling you to access it as it runs. The webinar will run for a full hour with additional time for questions at the end of the hour. Everyone who has registered onto the live webinar will also get access to the on demand version after the session, which includes a recording of the session including all the content and the Q&A as well as a downloadable copy of the slides. We update the recording each time we run the webinar so you’ll always have access to the most up to date version. If you’ve booked onto the on demand only version then you’ll automatically be enrolled to access the webinar via our learning platform.

Find out more

Our frequently asked questions page answers the questions about webinars that we are most commonly asked. If you don’t find the answer to your question there or would like to talk about whether the content of the webinar is right for you then get in touch for a chat.


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Mastering the basics of Google Tag Manager
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