Everything you need to know before setting up a website


If you’re thinking of setting up a new website, whether you’re planning to build it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, then this webinar is for you.

In this webinar we’ll go right back to basics and walk you through the whole website development process from start to finish, outlining the key decisions you need to make at each stage. We’ll help you understand what needs to be done, how much each element should cost, where you can do things yourself and where it’s probably better to get expert help.

In just one hour we’ll cover:-

  • Naming your website – how web addresses work
    • What is a domain name and how do you get one?
    • How much do domain names cost?
    • Should you chose .co.uk, .com or something else?
  • Building your website – an overview of the main options
    • Building it yourself versus paying someone else to build it for you – the pros and cons of each option
    • Easy ways for non technical business owners to build their own websites and get them live quickly
    • How content management systems make web development accessible to non professionals
  • Working with web designers and developers
    • What’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer?
    • How can you find a reliable web designer and / or developer?
    • What should you expect to pay for someone to build your site for you?
    • What ongoing costs are there associated with web development?
  • Getting your site onto the internet – how hosting works
    • Why you need hosting for your website
    • Key things to consider when selecting a hosting company
    • How much should you pay for website hosting?
  • Ongoing website maintenance and support after the site is live
    • Making changes to your site once it’s live
    • Getting a staging or development copy of your site
    • Taking control of the website yourself versus paying someone else to look after it for you
  • Questions – your chance to ask whatever you like, there are no stupid questions where web development is concerned!

Who should book onto this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at anyone from a non-technical background who wants to set up a new website for their business but isn’t sure where to start. We will assume absolutely no prior knowledge at all.

What do I get once I’ve booked onto this webinar?

If you book onto the live version then we’ll send you a personalised link to the webinar enabling you to access it as it runs. The webinar will run for a full hour with additional time for questions at the end of the hour. Everyone who has registered onto the live webinar will also get access to the on demand version after the session, which includes a recording of the session including all the content and the Q&A as well as a downloadable copy of the slides. We update the recording each time we run the webinar so you’ll always have access to the most up to date version. If you’ve booked onto the on demand only version then you’ll automatically be enrolled to access the webinar via our learning platform.

Find out more

Our frequently asked questions page answers the questions about webinars that we are most commonly asked. If you don’t find the answer to your question there or would like to talk about whether the content of the webinar is right for you then get in touch for a chat.


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Everything you need to know before setting up a website
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