Improving the security of your WordPress site


Your website is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets so it’s vitally important that you make sure it’s secure. The consequences of a site breach can be extremely serious in terms of damage to your reputation, potential loss of your customers’ data and loss of access to your most valuable marketing tool.

WordPress sites can be particularly vulnerable because WordPress is so widely used, so hackers put a great deal of effort into uncovering methods of breaking into them. With that in mind we’ve put together this webinar specifically focusing on how owners of WordPress sites can improve the security of their sites.

Many business owners wrongly think that site security isn’t something they need to worry too much about because their sites are small. This is a big mistake. A small website is just as likely to fall victim to a security breach as a larger site, often more so. We regularly help clients whose small sites have been hacked. Putting a hack right after the event is much, much more work than ensuring that the site is secure in the first place. Sign up for this one hour webinar to learn how to maximise the security of your WordPress site.

  • Why site security is so important
    • The risk of losing access to your site
    • Damage to SEO if your site is not secure
    • Loss of customer trust
    • GDPR and the potential of a data breach
  • Why your WordPress site is at risk
    • How themes, plugins and core WP are exploited
    • WordPress malware
  • The most common causes of site breaches
    • Internal threats from within your organisation
    • External threats from outside your organisation
  • Simple ways you can improve your site’s security
    • Knowing who has access and limiting login
    • Two factor authentication
    • The importance of backups
    • Running the latest versions of your theme, plugins and WordPress
    • Overview of auto-update features in WordPress 5.5
    • Web application firewalls
    • Changing the WordPress database prefix
    • Plugins that can help
  • What to do if you’ve been hacked
  • Questions

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed for anyone who has a WordPress site and wants to learn more about how to improve its security.

What do I get once I’ve booked onto this webinar?

If you book onto the live version then we’ll send you a personalised link to the webinar enabling you to access it as it runs. The webinar will run for a full hour with additional time for questions at the end of the hour. Everyone who has registered onto the live webinar will also get access to the on demand version after the session, which includes a recording of the session including all the content and the Q&A as well as a downloadable copy of the slides. We update the recording each time we run the webinar so you’ll always have access to the most up to date version. If you’ve booked onto the on demand only version then you’ll automatically be enrolled to access the webinar via our learning platform.

Find out more

Our frequently asked questions page answers the questions about webinars that we are most commonly asked. If you don’t find the answer to your question there or would like to talk about whether the content of the webinar is right for you then get in touch for a chat.


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