Successful email marketing for small businesses


Email marketing might seem like a marketing relic in the age of social media and influencers, but the truth is it’s more relevant and powerful than ever for small businesses. In fact, it’s often the unsung hero in your marketing toolkit. Done well, email consistently delivers one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) across all digital marketing channels. It’s budget-friendly and incredibly efficient.

Sign up for this one hour webinar and you will learn:-

  • The benefits of email marketing
    • Why email consistently achieves the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel
    • How email enables you to build relationships with customers and prospects who you know want to hear from you
    • Why email is one of the most cost effective marketing tools
    • Examples of different ways small businesses can use email to grow
  • How to build up an email list
    • Strategies for collecting customer and prospect email addresses
  • Privacy and consent – ensuring your emails are legal
    • Overview of how GDPR applies to email marketing
    • What permissions do you need in order to send someone an email?
    • Obtaining consent and encouraging people to opt in to hearing from you
    • Buying third party email lists legally – what you can and can’t do
  • Designing email campaigns that really drive response
    • Understanding the factors that influence your email response rates
    • Crafting emails that encourage response
  • Analysing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns
    • Key metrics to assess the success of your emails
  • An overview of email marketing tools for small businesses
    • Factors to consider when choosing an email marketing platform
    • Costs and features of the most popular platforms for small businesses
  • Q&A / discussion

Who should book onto this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at any small business or organisation that wants to make more effective use of email as part of their marketing strategy. You may already be using email in some capacity and want to maximise the effectiveness of the emails you’re already sending, or perhaps you’d like to explore new ways of using email within your business. Book your place now to learn more about how email can help you build relationships with both prospects and existing customers.

What do I get once I’ve booked onto this webinar?

If you book onto the live version then we’ll send you a personalised link to the webinar enabling you to access it as it runs. The webinar will run for a full hour with additional time for questions at the end of the hour. Everyone who has registered onto the webinar will get access to the on demand version after the session, which includes a recording of the session including all the content and the Q&A as well as a downloadable copy of the slides. We update the recording each time we run the webinar so you’ll always have access to the most up to date version. If you’ve booked onto the on demand only version then you’ll automatically be enrolled to access the webinar via our learning platform.

Find out more

Our frequently asked questions page answers the questions about webinars that we are most commonly asked. If you don’t find the answer to your question there or would like to talk about whether the content of the webinar is right for you then get in touch for a chat.

What previous attendees say about this webinar

Cath Fearn
Cath Fearn

Brilliant webinar. Concise, informative and helpful. Thank you !




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Successful email marketing for small businesses
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